James Davies - Father, Writer, Engineer

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When James Davies isn’t repairing linear accelerators or parenting his eighteen daughters—four feral humans and fourteen well-mannered hens—he reads, writes, and fells trees.

His science-fiction story 'Ashes to Ashes, Blood to Carbonfiber' won Writers and Illustrators of the Future and will be published in Volume 40 in the spring of 2024. He is also seeking representation for his epic fantasy 'The Loss of Hoyle Shyne'.

James was raised among the rolling green hills of England’s 'home counties' but was introduced to fantasy and science fiction when he stumbled across David Farland's The Sum of All Men in a random bookstore in Kenya when he was ten. James started writing fan-fiction set in the same universe, then fantasy in general, until David Farland introduced him to The Writers of the Future contest and urged him to enter.

Various stages of life have interrupted James' passion for writing (living in China with Shaolin monks, a Masters degree in electronics, falling in love, and relocating to Maryland, USA) but for the last few years he has been tackling it from a new direction: no longer writing for the sake of writing, but studying the craft with a focus on improvement.

Contact him via email at sirjdavies@gmail.com

Rickard Carfine pulls on ropes attached to a (off screen) sled, as he marches through a desolate wasteland.

"Ashes to Ashes, Blood to Carbonfiber"
Credit: May Zheng (mayzheng.com - @lunic77 on Instagram)

Ashes to Ashes sequel coming

The novel-length sequel of Ashes to Ashes, Blood to Carbonfiber is underway, title as yet undecided!

Ashes Number Two - Progress Bar

30 years have passed. 

Rickard is gone. Only his shadow remains, inhabiting a decrepit landcruiser, whose chief responsibility is to carry around his adopted great-grandson, Rick.

When one of the Billionth's trust-fund kids crashes a cruiser into the side of their hidden dome, Rick must navigate the political tides as the ruling elders of the colony vie for conflicting paths forward: attack, flee, or continue hiding. 

With society straining under too much balance, Rick may be the feather that tips the scales. All while babysitting the injured trust-fund woman who could be the key to peace, a spy, or both.

Writers of the Future Volume 40 Winner

Next April I'll be standing on that stage receiving an award for 'Ashes to Ashes, Blood to Carbonfiber.'

And shortly afterward, Writers of the Future Volume 40, containing my story, will be found on the very shelves of Barnes & Noble and Waterstones!

Very literally a dream come true. 

Falling receives Silver Honorable Mention

I'm delighted to share that my surreal fantasy, Falling, received a Silver Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future for 1st Quarter of Volume 40. When gravity has a whoopsie, young Asuka finds herself falling sideways. It takes her all just to survive, letalone escape her endless fall and bitter loneliness.

Clouds Know No Time receives Silver Honorable Mention

I closed out Writers of the Future Volume 39 in Quarter 4 with my first Silver Honorable Mention (ending a streak of five 'regular' Honorable Mentions). Clouds Know No Time follows Jim, a twenty-five year old man trapped in the body of a ten year old, struggling to escape his second childhood and the grief that hangs over his family after his father's death.